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What is PISTA?

Reconnect with yourself and rediscover your Strengths – PISTA

Experience relief from anxiety, depression, long-term illness, and pain with PISTA. Get professional guidance and counselling when you need it most -- when in grief or surviving cancer, during decision-making, and in controlling emotions. PISTA keeps you motivated to learn and function daily. You are in control of your actions and respond well to events and your surroundings.

Take Control of Your Mind and Body

PISTA’s approach teaches individuals rationality and good control of emotions. Its method helps identify life direction and encourages you to move forward and to embrace different scenarios that unfold daily. As a PISTA user, you develop the ability to form constructive responses to various situations. You are able to recognize the onset of harmful thought patterns and take control of circumstances. Decision-making, therefore, becomes an easy and sure process.  


This theory of integrating rationality and emotions makes PISTA beneficial in managing depression, hypochondriasis, irritability, lack of concentration, panic attacks, physical pain, stress, and uncontrollable worrying, among others.

Get Confidence and Prompt Care

Critical issues are addressed promptly because the support of PISTA coaches is also accessible from home in between face-to-face sessions. With PISTA, you are confident and cared for whenever you need caring the most. 

How The PISTA Method Works?

Influencing the Mind to Achieve Desired Outcomes

PISTA uses various techniques including brainwave feedback, brain stimulation, and self-regulation procedures to optimize brain function and help correct inefficient mental activities. Using the PISTA Sound Tool, this method employs the science of brain entrainment to activate and deactivate the thinking system in a self-questioning process that achieves desired brain states.


The PISTA Sound Tool stimulates your brain and brings it to a state called brain entrainment. This condition is achieved when the brain creates a third tone from two tones generated separately into your right and left ear. The alteration of sound frequencies makes your brain more susceptible to change and constructive reinforcement. The way you think is dramatically changed. Unwanted and destructive thought patterns are eliminated and replaced with constructive affirmations. 


There are 7 modalities applied by PISTA doctors throughout the treatment period. These medical doctors specializing in psychology and mental health care guide you in establishing life direction and drive you to move forward and embrace the different challenges you face every day.

PISTA sessions help clients and therapists identify key elements that trigger adversities. The sessions facilitate the removal of past hurts by encouraging and engaging you to move forward in life through structured short and long term programs and the guidance of the PISTA Team of professionals.

Be Cared for Round-the-Clock

PISTA care and support is personal. Because you can get support from home anytime during the week or face to face with a trained coach, critical issues are addressed right away and right when you need it. PISTA also has a speed program to help you resolve difficulties in less time. Our team of PISTA coaches stay with you until you are able to handle yourself when confronted with adversities in your relationships or environment at home or workplace.

How Can PISTA Benefit You?

A Scientific Method Designed by Professionals for the Professionals

Add value to your services. Give the PISTA Method of Caring.

Learn the method developed by experts in behavioral science, developmental pediatrics, neuroscience, and psychology. 

PISTA has different modalities that address various types of neurological disorders and symptoms across cultures and age groups. The key to the success of these modalities is the professional guidance given to the patient throughout his progress toward healing.

With the PISTA Learning for Professionals program, doctors, coaches, and PISTA practitioners are trained to guide the patient reach deep within and to identify both issues and corresponding resolutions. Trainees under this program are educated with the PISTA modalities and are trained to deliver the appropriate modality of treatment for each symptom. 

PISTA Helps Make A Difference

As a licensed PISTA Practitioner, you are certified to provide your patients with a sound choice to resolve their personal conflicts using a unique method that has been proven effective for over 35 years. Your patients will be equipped to:

  • Fight anxiety and depression

  • Control emotions

  • Recover from long term illness or cancer

  • Overcome grief from loss of a loved one

PISTA also guides patients in managing disorders like phobias and post-traumatic stress.  It also aids in recovering from conditions like alcoholism and drug dependence. 


By stimulating the brain using different frequencies, the PISTA coach engages patients in a self problem-solving process. They learn to define their problem and to come up with alternatives and solutions which are successfully implemented because they develop confidence in tackling complexity.

Gain from lasting relationships and keep building new ones
People who have been PISTA users for years have developed a lasting relationship with their coaches. Even their family and friends have started using the PISTA method. 

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PISTA Sound Technology

The Science Behind PISTA

PISTA Sound Technology is a form of auditory cognitive neuroscience. Designed for brain entrainment turning our brainwave to connect to a range of frequencies to improve our quality living in learning and at work.

PISTA Machines


These tools are intrinsic to PISTA Therapy and are the product of 45 years of in-depth research

by the PISTA research team of experts.


PISTA Power Device


PISTA 24 Device


PISTA Sonic Device


Ski-Safe Machine

PISTA Machines Guidelines

1. Initial Borrowing Period

Users are encouraged to borrow the machine for a specific purpose. The initial borrowing period is two months.


2. Involvement of a Coach

During the two-month period, users are provided with the assistance of a coach. This coach presumably helps them understand and effectively use the machine.

3.Assessment Period

After the initial two months, an assessment is conducted to determine how well the machine is working for the user's purpose. This assessment helps evaluate the machine's suitability for the task.

4. Renewable Every Two Months

If the machine is found to be effective, the user can renew the borrowing arrangement for an additional two months. This suggests that the borrowing period can be extended in two-month increments.

5. Returning the Machine

If users feel that their problem has been solved, or they no longer need the machine, they are encouraged to return it. The emphasis is on the two-month renewal cycle, indicating that they can continue using the machine as long as needed, provided they renew the agreement every two months.

6. Feedback and Monitoring

Users are expected to provide feedback and updates on their progress to the coach. The coach is responsible for monitoring whether the users are following the program effectively.


PISTA Centres
Around the W


PISTA is now available in countries in Asia, Europe, Australia, and North and South America.


Years of


A product of scientific research developed by our group of psychologists, scientists, and experts in sports.

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Active PISTA


Consists of psychologists, psychiatrists, educators, toxicologists, sports experts, and neurologists.

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