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Building Plans



We offer consultancy services, marketing, research on aged care, senior living development, physiotherapy setup and geriatric rehabilitation from concept to operation.

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Facility / Layout Planning


We provide preliminary facility layout planning that helps to visualize ideas and ensure the functionality, accessibility and practicality of multiple needs. Realistic 2D/3D images not only help in planning but also provide tools for marketing and promoting your services.


Our design service can help you plan entirely new premises or re-furbish existing facilities. Contact us when you need to replace individual pieces of equipment, modernize existing facilities or design a completely new facility.


Installation & Maintenance Service


A one-stop service from pre to post installation. Highly trained technical professionals to carry out periodical maintenance, servicing and troubleshooting on medical devices supply by IMM Healthcare. We offer regular maintenance to extends the life cycle of the your equipment:

Advantages of service agreement:

   > Fixed package price
  > Discounts on spare parts
  > Preventing need of repairs
  > Condition monitoring
  > Regular service, better condition of equipment


Professional & Technical Training

We provide professional on-the-job training to physiotherapist and technical training to equip our clients with the lastest skills and knowledge in the scope of work that is related to our business.

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