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Roceso Technologies is a world-leading neurorehabilitation technology company based in Singapore. Its soft robotics, biosensing and digital health technologies provide functional assistance and neurotherapeutic solutions to patients with functional impairments during rehabilitation and daily living. The company’s flagship product, the EsoGLOVETM, is one of the world’s lightest hand rehabilitation and exoskeleton devices offering top functionality and comfort.

Founded in 2016, Roceso Technologies is ISO13485:2016 certified and EsoGLOVETM Hand Rehabilitation System has been registered with FDA, approved by EU CE, Singapore HSA, Japan FDA, Korea MFDS, Malaysia MDA, and Australia TGA. 

On top of EsoGLOVETM system, Roceso Technologies is also offering rehabilitation assessment, gamification, and platform technologies. The company has clinical partners around the globe and a distribution network in more than 30 countries. 

Cygni Advanced Neurorehabilitation Centre, Roceso’s clinical arm, started operating since April 2022 in Central Singapore.

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Action Observation Therapy


Action Observation Therapy is a scientifically well-grounded and effective method of intervention to improve motor functions among Stroke patients. During training, patients usually observe on-screen actions and try to imitate the actions.


With EsoGLOVE™, patients with spastic* or flaccid hands are able to carry out the rehabilitative trainings, thereby helping them to gradually regain and relearn their hand motor functions. This is made possible with the versatility of EsoGLOVE™, as it allows users to interact with real objects even while wearing the glove, which will further enhance the learning process.

* MAS Level <3



As patients relearn their hand motor functions via passive, active and functional task trainings, the brain undergoes structural and functional reorganisation. This is possible due to the innate ability of our brain – Neuroplasticity.


Coupled with Action Observation Therapy, the brain is able to rebuild neuronal connections between the nerves as patients observe and execute task exercises. The simultaneous visual effects and proprioceptive feedback (feeling and seeing hand and arm movements) are associated to stimulate patient’s neuroplasticity. Through high repetition, the communication between neurons are strengthened, thereby allowing the brain to relearn motor movements over time.

Eso Glove

Detection of motor intention

through sEMG, enabling early active



Provide closed-loop biofeedback, promoting relearning of normal movement patterns


Provide closed-loop biofeedback, promoting relearning of normal movement patterns


EsoGLOVE™ Myo integrates sEMG sensors for upper limb therapy, incorporating graphical visualisation for recovery progress monitoring as part of a dynamic approach to monitor patients performance. sEMG sensors provide biofeedback through continuous monitoring of muscle activity.


Additionally, EsoGLOVE™ Myo features a muscle signal assessments function of extensors and flexors, allows clinicians to observe changes in muscle activities while exploring different motor movements for that can aid in motor relearning during therapy.

Patient Care Showcase

EMG-Driven Hand Rehabilitation with Functional Task Trainings

Regaining Self Reliance in The Most Natural and Efficient Way

Regulatory Compliance

ISO13485:2016 Certification by TUV SUD
US FDA Class II Rehabilitation System
Singapore Health Science Authority Class B Approval
Biocompatibility tests per ISO10993-1 requirements
Electrical safety tests per IEC 60601-1 requirements
Electromagnetic compatibility tests per IEC 60601-1-2 requirements
Home healthcare certification per IEC 60601-1-11 requirements

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