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"Give them the Strength they need,

for the Life the deserve"

Innovative technology and clinical research shaping the HUR solutions


HUR was founded in 1989 as the result of a research project conducted at the University of Technology in Helsinki. Thanks to an ongoing collaboration with universities, knowledge institutes and  leading research organisations and practitioners worldwide, we are able to incorporate the latest findings into our products and software. This together with the innovative technology of HUR products, Natural Transmission™, that employs a natural transmission of power and simulates the natural function/movement of your muscles, and state of the art software solutions, HUR SmartTouch, result in safer, more effective exercise for people of all ages and abilities. 

With evidence-based training that rely on research you experience medical-proof training in real-time. HUR co-operates with university-level driven research leaders and decision makers to achieve real-life based results.

The ergonomic design and the natural movement, together with the computerized system, natural power transmission, small footprint and dual-function equipment - make HUR the most effective choice for helping you achieve your training and/or rehabilitation goals.

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