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Medical Fitness


The HUR devices and solutions are designed to serve the entire spectrum of gym clients, from beginners to routine exercisers to use strength training as a therapeutic modality in prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of several health concerns and diseases by using the HUR’s Natural Transmission method. It is based on pneumatic technology, where resistance is adapted in accordance with the production of force, regardless of the speed of the movement.

The HUR solutions help the health care and rehabilitation professionals to provide the best practice of exercise as medicine based on the latest international treatment guidelines to promote customers and patients with increased levels to regular weekly habitual physical activities and exercise training regimens.


Test  - Train - Follow-up


A Turnkey Solution for your Gym

The proven, safe, high-quality machines are suitable for all users, thanks to the pneumatic technology. Together with the HUR’s modern computerized system, which allows e.g. follow-up and automatically increases of resistance, you have a clear competitive advantage. It has never been so easy to operate and exercise! 


Inclusive Wellness Solutions

In an inclusive wellness facility, it is easy to get on and off machines. The machines can be used safely and independently by as many different users as possible, regardless of ability, while in between machines there is ample room to manoeuvre with various mobility aids. 

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Effective Layout Planning

The user experience can be greatly influenced by a facility’s layout, equipment and professional staff. The advanced design of HUR machines allows a functional and versatile gym to fit into a smaller space. With HUR you can realize a stylish and safe environment suitable for all ages and abilities. 


Physio to Fitness

Clients at rehabilitation facilities will appreciate a quality and professional service and a gym equipped with safe and professional-grade machines. Following rehabilitation, many clients wish to continue training in a familiar and safe environment, where if needed help and individual guidance are readily available.

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